The Crazy Kitchen: Foodie Foto Friday - Week 14

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Friday, 14 December 2012

Foodie Foto Friday - Week 14

It has been another manic week this week but I have not forgotten to post this weeks Foodie Foto Friday, even though it's a bit late - hopefully I won't get a telling off by Elaine! 

Speaking of Elaine, the photo for this week is of my Mincemeat Scones that I made after she commented that she'd seen some in a shop and I should make some with my chocolate mincemeat. They didn't rise as much as my chilli cheese scones, but they did still rise. The taste was quite mild so next time I think I'll add some additional cinnamon or mixed spice, although they had a hint of mince pie in them and weren't too sweet so I think they would be perfect with a slice of Christmas cheese.... recipe coming soon.

The style of this photo was inspired by the lovely Emily from A Mummy Too, who I met for the first time earlier in the week and was trying to give me some tips on photographing food, which went straight over my head, apart from the bit about photographing from above - more practice needed!


Come & join in and show me your food pics.


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