The Crazy Kitchen: Abra-ca-Debora Dutch Pancakes - Review

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Friday, 16 November 2012

Abra-ca-Debora Dutch Pancakes - Review

My children love pancakes of any kind - American pancakes, Scotch pancakes and now Dutch pancakes.

Abra-ca-Debora pancakes are Dutch pancakes in sweet or savoury versions, perfect for rustling up a quick snack or dessert.

I was sent a pack of each pancakes along with a few other ingredients to see what I could do with them.


Firstly, I made a quick snack ready for my eldest when he came home from school.

tbsp Chilli olive oil
1 small onion, sliced
1 tiny aubergine, chopped
1/2 red pepper, sliced
1/2 courgette, sliced
2 heaped tbsp plum chutney
4 cherry tomatoes, quartered
4 Original Dutch pancakes
grated cheese

  • Heat the oil in a small non stick pan
  • Add the onion, aubergine, pepper & courgette & fry for 2-3 minutes until softened
  • Add the chutney, stir well, put the lid on and cook for approx 5 minutes
  • Stir in the tomatoes and cook for a further 1-2 minutes until the sauce is thick & bubbling
  • Add quarter of the mixture to one half of a pancake, cover with grated cheese & microwave for 30 seconds
  • Fold the pancake over and serve

The sweet pancakes make a great quick and easy dessert with a few other ingredients. The favourite of my kids was the grated chocolate, marshmallows and ice cream - microwave for 30 seconds & serve.


Check out more recipes on the Abra-ca-Debora website.

I was sent pancakes & other ingredients for the purpose of this review.


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