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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Oh the shame

Last night I took Jack to a birthday part at a soft play. He was a bit wary about going in as he hasn't been to a soft play since he had his leg in plaster - in fact the last time we went to this one his leg was in plaster. 

It took me a good 10 minutes for me to be able to prise his shoes off him and and another 5 to get into the ball pit. As he wouldn't let me leave him to go and put his shoes and coat with those of the other party children I popped them on a chair behind me whilst I sat on the edge of the ball pit throwing balls in.

After another few minutes Jack braved the steps and small slide and then he was off, so I sat back, took my phone out (as you do) and checked my tweets.

It was then time for party food so I stood up and went to grab Jack's coat and shoes which is when I realised there was only one shoe on the chair. I looked on the floor, and all shoe. Inside my head I ranted 'why would anyone want to take just one shoe', and it meant I would have to carry Jack all the way to the car, and he would be crying because he's a touch OCD about having things 'just right' and having just one shoe would be so wrong.

Just as I was quietly ranting a lady nearby said "are you looking for a shoe?", "yes" I said, relieved that the shoe had been found...although I did wonder how it got all the way over to her table, and she was taking her time passing it back to me.

"oh" she said "it's stuck to your bum"
As I reached behind me towards my bottom there I found it, a little size 8 shoe with velcro straps dangling from my jumper!

Cue beetroot face.

Oh the shame.....


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