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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Jenny Craig Update

I haven't done an update on my weight loss on the Jenny Craig diet in a long time so I thought it was time that I did.

I started on the Jenny Craig diet back in May following an initial 2 week trail the previous month. I've had my ups and downs, especially over the school holidays but have been back on track since the children's return to school which has resulted in a steady weight loss. I attended the MAD blog awards at the end of September and wore a dress, which I actually felt quite good about, but since then weight loss has been slow, with the odd set-backs when I've had weekends away.

I'm pleased to say that I've redeemed myself this week though with a loss of 3 lbs making my total weight loss 18lbs since the start of the program. For me, Jenny Craig hasn't been a fast fix but I do find that after weekends where I may have had the odd treat it's easy to get back on the wagon and start over. I also find that my weekly chat with my consultant Claire gives me that extra boost that I sometimes need when I'm feeling a little low.

I'm now fitting comfortably into my size 14 jeans and with less than 9 weeks until Christmas (eek!) I hope that I will be sporting a new pair of size 12's at the dinner table - although I may need to undo the button when the cheeseboard comes out!

For anyone that is needing a kickstart to their weight loss before the Christmas festivities then Jenny Craig may be that boost you need, even if you can only afford it for a month or two. Trust me, you will be feeling a hell of a lot better about yourself by the time Christmas comes around if you do.

I would also recommend following the lovely Amanda on twitter at @_mummymanda_ and 

@FoodFitnessMe as she is a real inspiration and has lost 7 stone this year and is looking AMAZING, not by following Jenny Craig I might add, but she has really inspired me to stay focussed.

If you're undecided between the Jenny Craig diet or Diet Chef, which are quite similar to one another, then this Diet Chef review may help.


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