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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Micro Chargers Jump Track - Review

Micro Chargers are tiny rechargeable cars that race at scale speeds of over 600mph. We were sent the Jump Track to review and Jack was very excited to set it up. The track needed assembling and fits together with small plastic connectors that fit tightly into each side of the track and hold securely. We assembled the track quickly, following the instructions included. Also included in box are 2 micro cars but only one charger, which was a bit of a disappointment considering the price.


The charger takes 2 AAA batteries and to charge the cars up they are placed inside and a button pressed to start the charging. You need to charge for around ten seconds before launching onto the track.

The idea is to race the cars against each other, setting a certain number of laps and once that number of laps has been reached a gate is flicked and the winning car goes into the burnout track and flips a gate closed behind leaving the losing car to grind to a halt at the gate. Unfortunately as there was only one charger it was difficult to race the cars but it was still lots of fun and if the cars flip off the track, which they do occasionally, be warned as they move very very fast and as Jack said 'it's like a spider'.

Although the cars go very fast we noticed on the second day of playing that one of the cars didn't go as fast or run for as long. On close inspection I could see a tiny wool thread wrapped around one of the wheels and once it was removed the car was ok. With this in mind it would probably be better to set the track up on a table, or hard floor, rather than a carpeted surface.

The Jump Track can connected to other Micro Chargers tracks to make larger systems and cars & chargers can also be purchased separately. There's a clear plastic compartment on the end of the charger where one car can be stored.

The Jump Track retails for £24.99 and additional cars for around £7.99 and chargers (including one car) for around £12.99. The recommended age is  6+, but as you can see 3 year old Jack had lots of fun playing with this set, he just needed help charging the cars.

We were sent the Micro Chargers Jump Track for the purpose of this review.


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