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Friday, 7 September 2012

Little Bits of Life

When I read Katies Little Bits of Life post earlier I asked her if she'd ever thought of doing it as a linky as it would give me a reason to consolidate photos taken over previous weeks. Within the hour the super efficient Katie had made it into a linky, just for little ol' me - well I'd like to think she did it for me but turns out others had asked the same. Without further ado here are the little bits of my life :


  1. Poppy the hamster had a run around in the wooden dolls house, it was all going well until she decided to attempt a jail break from the top floor window. 
  2. We had the Beasties come to stay and Baby Beastie is such a gorgeous and photogenic baby and looks so cute sucking his thumb.
  3. Whilst the Beasties were here we went down the local pub where the boys could catch up over a few pints.
  4. Jack decided that TV was better watched in a Batman mask - I think this is the first time he's worn a mask of any sort without a fuss being kicked up.
  5. Over the space of a week or so when we came back from holiday Jack was all out of sorts and wouldn't stay in his bed in the evening and kept creeping downstairs. One evening I went up to bed and found him fast asleep like this on the stairs, snoring.
  6. Hanna decided she wanted to make cakes and of course Jack wanted to help.
  7. We went to Nando's for my Dad's birthday and Sam thought that wine bottle tops would make a great pair of shades.
  8. Jack showing his Nanny & Auntie how to use the iPad.
  9. First day back to school



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