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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Back to School

I was going to write this post anyway but with the theme of The Gallery this week being Back to School it's prompted me to write it now.

Today is a special day, Sam is now a High School pupil and is growing up fast. He was at his Primary school for 7.5 years and has made some great friends there. I know he would get on well wherever he went but it puts my mind at rest that most of his friends will be going to the same High School too, as well as knowing some already there. His days of wearing polo shirts and sweatshirts are over,


for the next 5 years at least it will be a proper shirt, tie and blazer. He even has a smart new Justin Bieber (don't tell him I said that) haircut to go with it.


And there he is going to meet his mates to walk to the bus stop with cries of 'no more photos'.


This year will also be the only year that all three of mine are in different places, with different uniforms. Next September Jack will be joining Hanna at Primary school and the following year Hanna will be going off to join Sam at High School so big changes for the next two years, tissues at the ready.


1 comment:

  1. Wow how much has Sam grown up over the summer? He looks very smart in his high school uniform.

    Little Jack looks just like the younger Sam too.

    It's scary how fast our children grow up.



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