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Sunday, 24 June 2012

BritMums Live 2012 - my 24 hours

Yesterday I returned home after a day (well almost) at BritMums Live in London. I'd bought my ticket way back in October but as the time got closer and other things came up I decided that I wasn't going to attend....but then I got shortlisted in the BiB awards...... I had just put my ticket up for sale when the shortlist was announced so I decided that if (and it was a very big if) I made it onto the finalists list I would go down for the awards ceremony on the Friday night, and kept hold of the ticket for the time being. When the finalists were announced & I was shockingly amongst them I started to get a little excited, not because I could see myself walking staggering in a wine induced haze up onto the stage to collect my award, but because the name of my little blog would be read out, and I wanted to be there for that.

I travelled down to London on Friday, on the slow train, with Fi from Childcare is Fun, endured a bumpy cab ride from Euston where I was sent flying very almost crushing a birthday cake in my bag, arriving at The Brewery just in time to see the doors open and a troop of bloggers pile in.

Over the course of the afternoon and evening I met up with lots of fellow bloggers, some that I'd met before and some that I hadn't and listened to some very inspirational speakers. I'm rubbish at writing things down or remembering what has been said but I did manage to scribble a few good points down :
  1. Don't be a groupie and hang on the every word of the bigger bloggers
  2. Don't care what the Diva's think 
  3. Be confident
  4. Be generous - mention other bloggers (and link to them where relevant)
  5. If you hit a plateau, take a break and enjoy the view before the next climb
  6. Write for yourself, mix it up a little and let it grow
  7. Do what you really enjoy
  8. Have good content
  9. Put in the effort
  10. Take care over presentation and photographs - big photo first to capture the attention of your audience
  11. Build a community
  12. Be engaging
  13. Show your personality
  14. Use Pinterest
  15. Using Google + well will increase your SEO
  16. Respond to comments
  17. Don't keep pimping your blog posts if you don't have comments - and don't worry if you don't, see point 6
  18. Encourage discussion
  19. Find your niche, and stick to it
  20. Make your blog look good and easy for the reader to navigate.
  21. Categorise your posts
  22. Take part in the blogging community
  23. Don't be a bully - if you see a bully on Twitter then call them out

I had a brilliant 24 hours involving lots of bloggy hugs, semi naked wine waiters, hilarious conversations in All Bar One, after hours drinks back at the hotel, tea and chocolate in bed courtesy of my roomie, oversleeping and missing Blogercise (sorry Kerry!) and seeing Northern Mum & Hello It's Gemma arrive in style on bikes.
Photobucket Photobucket 
above points came courtesy of Nickie (Typecast), Maggy (Red Ted Art), Jane (Northern Mum), Michelle (Mummy from The Heart), Melinda (Her Melness Speaks), Kerstin (Ms Marmite Lover), Sarah (Maison Cupcake) & Katie (Feeding Boys & a Firefighter)



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