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Friday, 20 April 2012

Funny Things He Says

I've been compiling this post for a couple of weeks now as just recently Jack has been coming out with some really funny things and has a real sense of humour. He talks non stop and asks so many questions that I'm exhausted by the end of the day. I was told that yesterday at pre-school he was playing with a little girl that's a bit younger than him and said to her 'do you want to be my girlfriend?' Apparently she said yes and they carried on playing!


In the toilet after doing a wee (Mummy's turn now)

J (in an inquisative LOUD voice) : Are you doing a poo Mummy?
Mummy : *puts finger to lips* shhhh
J : why do I have to be quiet Mummy?


Getting ready for bed

Mummy : Do you need a wee Jack
J : No
Mummy : Why are you dancing then?
J : I'm not dancing, I'm just singing ....*sings* "I think I wanna marry you"


Jack showed me a sore bit on his finger

Mummy:  Have you been picking again?
Jack : No I didn't pick it my teef did pick it


I was drying my hair & Jack came into the bedroom with his pyjama bottoms around his ankles

Mummy: what's happened? Have you done it in your trousers?
Jack : yes, I did a wee. It wasn't supposed to come out already


I've experienced that Jack is a bit of a mind reader

I was putting him to bed & thought to myself 'I don't think he really needs his fleecy suit on tonight'....and then Jack said 'Do I need my suit on Mummy'

Another time we were playing Smarty Pants on the Wii & one of the questions was 'which City is known as the Big Apple'...just as I read it (to myself) Jack said 'I have an apple please Mummy'.....


In Asda today I was scanning my shopping list

Jack : have we got everything Mummy?
Me : hmmm I think so....oh no we've forgotten something
Jack : Dam
Me : I beg your pardon!
Jack : Dam.......we need dam for our samwiches
Me : oh yes....well remembered Jack, Strawberry or Raspberry?

I'm linking this up to Thinly Spread's 'The funny things kids say & do'


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