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Friday, 2 March 2012

Where's That Booby Gone

So, this morning I was lying on my side in bed, having a snuggle with my gorgeous 3rd born when he suddenly piped up 'what's that?' whilst patting at my chest.

Before giving me a chance to answer he'd whipped my pyjama top up.....

'Woooooooow......that's Biiiiiiiiiiiig Mummy......what is it?'

'You know what that is, it's Mummy's booby'

'Ohhhhh, where's anoor* booby' 

'Well, let's should be down here somewhere' we both go rummaging under my armpit....

The joys of getting old.....

*anoor [uh-nor]
1. being one or more of the same; further; additional : anoor piece of cake
2. different; distinct : can I have marmite on anoor side and peanut butter on anoor side

1 comment:

  1. Ha ha bloody funny!! I love your definition bit!! X



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