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Saturday, 10 March 2012

New Party Clothes

Jack was off to yet another party this morning and I thought it was time I got him a new party outfit, after all he had worn his last one to almost every party he's been to so far this year. I've never bought him a shirt with a tie before but when I saw this pink gingham one in Next I couldn't resist. I wanted to take a photo of him in his new party gear with his freshly cut hair to send to Nanny but he refused to smile until he'd had a good fiddle with the present and pulled a variety of faces.


Pink Gingham Shirt & Tie Set : £10
Vintage Skinny Jeans : £12
Green Riddler Converse All Star £20 (Sale)

All from NEXT

I am linking this up with Trendy Toddler Tuesday (yes I know it's not Tuesday) on Mummy's Busy World


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