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Friday, 16 March 2012

My my wonderful son

Today I attended the Mother's Day assembly at school. It's usually a very lovely occasion where all the children throughout the school say nice things about their Mums, Nans or carers, sing a few songs and present them with a daffodil at the end.

Today was no different, there was a lovely song to start and then class by class the children read out poems about their Mums, the Reception class had painted some very interesting pictures of their Mums too.

When it was the turn of year 6 to go up, Sam looked a little sheepish as he walked passed me on his way to the front of the hall. The teacher told the audience how they had all written poems about their Mum and a few of the best ones were going to be read out. I think there were 4 groups of children and each group in turn read the poem, a line or 2 each. Then it came to Sam's group - he looked at me a little embarrassed and then they all said in tune
"My Mum by Sam"

'Oh No' I thought 'What has he said about me!'. Sam (he of few words) had written this beautiful poem about ME and him and his classmates were reading it out only a few feet away.......

My Mum
My Mum she always cares for me
but sometimes she can shout
I know she is always there for me
and that, I'll never doubt!

My Mum she is also great
I'm sure you would all agree
even when I'm grumpy
she cleans and cooks for me!

You helping me with my homework
is definitely better than Dad
and although I never tell him
I think he is quite bad!

(cue laughter and all eyes on Dad!)

You could be my best mate
although you never take a rest
Mum you are the one for me
I tell you now....YOU'RE THE BEST!

(cue all eyes on Mum and a few tears)

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