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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Jack's 3rd Birthday

We've had a lovely weekend celebrating Jack's 3rd birthday and he's been so excited all week to be having a party with his friends. He told me who he wanted to invite and the invites had been sent out a couple of weeks before, with only one of his friends unable to attend.

Daddy was off work on Friday giving me chance to bake cakes, decorate the room, make sandwiches, chop veggies and fill the party bags. Once the school pick up had been done all the friends started to arrive. It was such a lovely day that the children weren't really interested in playing party games as they just wanted to play outside on the trampoline.

We did manage to coax them inside for a round of Pass the Parcel and Pin the Nose on the Clown before it was time for some food. Then there was more trampolining, another game of Pass the Parcel, some dancing and then home. There may also have been a small amount of wine drinking by the Mums.

A couple of our friends stayed later for another glass bottle of wine whilst Jack opened all of his lovely presents and had a great time playing with them, before it all got too much, the tears started flowing and it was time for bed.

Saturday morning we all got up early - it would've been a lot earlier if Hanna had been going to her usual swim at 7am but due to a nasty fall, swollen face and a broken tooth she was giving it a miss. There was lots of present opening, then breakfast before Sam & Daddy went off to football and we headed off for Jacks swimming lesson. We arrived home to Nanny and Pop Pop unloading on the doorstep , followed shortly afterwards by more present opening and lots of excited squealing.

More family soon arrived, more present opening and then some playing in the garden before food was served and we sang Happy Birthday once again...this time with a Peppa Pig house cake that I had been making late into the evening on Thursday. Cake was eaten, tea was drank and the family departed. Jack went off to bed and Mummy slipped out to the local with a couple of friends.


I returned home later to find Jacks sick stained pillow next to the washing machine. Early the next morning he came into our bed, roasting hot, but after a dose of Calpol slept until a very respectable 10.30 (new time) the next morning, so we didn't miss out on that much needed hour in bed after all.


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