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Monday, 26 March 2012

Dirt Devil Tempest

Recently I was picked by Dirt Devil as one of their chosen ten bloggers to trial a new vacuum cleaner, and over the past couple of weeks I've been putting the Tempest (DCC070) through its paces.


The Tempest is a cylinder vacuum and not the type that I would normally go for. Since working in a Travel Agency in my late teens and dragging around an inefficient cylinder vacuum every Saturday afternoon on the cleaner's day off, I have always purchased upright vacuum cleaners. With this in mind I was interested to see how the Tempest would perform compared to my current Dyson DC24.

The Tempest comes with an array of attachments, including floor brush, turbo brush, crevice tool, upholstery brush and dusting brush as well as an accessory holder to keep them together.


My first job was cleaning the carpeted stairs and for this I used the upholstery brush. The vacuum is lightweight and easy enough to carry up & down the stairs. The hose is long but not long enough to go all the way up the stairs, however the vacuum is small enough to stand on one of the steps half way up enabling me to vacuum the top half. The tool was great to get right up to the edges & I managed to give the stairs a good going over in just a few minutes.

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Next up was the venetian blind in the playroom that has been collecting dust for some time but the dust was no trouble for the dusting brush.


The floor brush is great for general cleaning around the house and it's easy to use on both carpeted and laminate floors just by flipping a lever up or down (which can be done with your foot to save bending) when you switch floors. There is great suction and the swivel head and telescopic tube enable the brush to go easily under the sofa and kitchen cupboards. I usually have to move the sofa to clean under it and get down on my hands and knees in the kitchen to clean under the cupboards so this is a great time saver.

I gave the bedroom carpets, laminate floors and bathroom floors a thorough clean using the Intense Turbo Brush which is compact and powerful, with a rotating brush inside that's powered by the strong air flow from the vacuum cleaner. It's great for going in small spaces, especially down the side and behind the toilet - somewhere else that usually finds me going down on my hands and knees. It is quite a noisy piece of kit though and if anything such as a piece of thread or long hair gets wrapped around the brush it starts to sound like a garden strimmer! The inside of the tool is easily accessible though making it straightforward to clean out.

The power cord is only a disappointing 5 metres, although the telescopic pole compensates for some of this lack of length and I can manage to plug in the vacuum in the hall and get around the lounge and most of the kitchen without having to find an alternative socket. The mains cable rewind button is a bonus as well as it saves winding the cord up by hand.

Even though the vacuum is a reasonably lightweight 6.5kg it does feel like you're dragging around a bit of a dead weight at times - sometimes it acts like a shy child hiding behind the door that I have to coax to follow me with a gentle 'come on' and other times it's annoyingly hanging around my ankles like a whinging toddler. On the whole if you don't have to contend with lots of doorways it follows nicely behind you.

I soon filled up the dust canister and the releasing of it and emptying was really straightforward - in fact I never checked the instruction booklet first just to see how easy it was. There's an arrow on the top of the canister showing where to press, and once pressed the canister comes away from the body of the vacuum. There is then another button which, when pressed, releases the bottom of the canister and allows the dust to fall out and be disposed of. I did find that I needed to remove the top of the canister too and take out the HEPA filter to get all the dust and dirt out completely, but it was very straightforward to get back together again.

I really do like the Tempest, even though for a quick clean up I would prefer to use an upright as it's a lot less effort than a cylinder vacuum, but as the attachments on the Tempest save me the job of going down on my hands and knees when I'm doing a more thorough clean it would definitely be my choice of vacuum for this.

The powerful 2200W Tempest is also an excellent buy at only RRP £79.99 which is less than one third of the cost of my Dyson and if I'd had the chance to try them both out before I bought I would definitely had chosen this Dirt Devil over the Dyson on more than just the price.

The Dirt Devil Tempest receives a definite thumbs up from The Crazy Kitchen. 


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