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Thursday, 8 March 2012

BRITA Inline 3-Way Water Dispenser

Where we live we are in a hard water area which means, as well as having to increase the amount of detergent we use when washing, we also have problems with limescale build up in the kettle. We overcame this for a while when we had a new fridge / freezer two years ago with a BRITA water filter built in and used the filtered water to fill the kettle. The only downside with this was remembering to keep the tank filled up, which, mainly in the Summer, is an ongoing task when there's five people in the house all filling their glasses with chilled filtered water to drink. This then led to us filling the kettle up straight from the tap again, with the limescale build-up quickly returning.

BRITA have come to our rescue now though with a solution to our problem. The Crazy Kitchen has been fitted with a 3 way dispenser on the side of our sink, in the place of our regular mixer tap. The dispenser not only dispenses hot and cold running water but also a supply of cold BRITA filtered water. Filling the kettle up now is so simple as we can just place it under the tap and turn on the small BRITA tap.

We have been fitted with a modern Torlan dispenser, attached to a filter under the sink which filters limescale, chlorine, metals and organic impurities, giving us lovely pure water. The filter cartridge lasts for 3 months and is very simple to replace. It can stand under your sink or be attached to the side of your undersink cupboard on a bracket (supplied). All the necessary fitting instructions are included in the box, and there is an online fitting tutorial on the BRITA website. If necessary they can book you an installation  with their partner company Streamline.


Now, thanks to BRITA, we can enjoy tea and coffee again without any nasty tastes or scale in the cup, the kids can drink pure filtered water straight from the tap without being put off by any nasty after-tastes and hopefully our kettle will last us a few more years.

I was provided with the dispenser and installation for the purpose of this review


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