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Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Best Kitchen Invention.....Ever

Morphy Richards are on the lookout for Kitchen Innovators via the Tots 100 and Foodies 100. The chance to try out the latest home and kitchen appliances has to be every girl's dream (well maybe not every girl's but it would be mine) so I have decided to share my idea for my perfect Kitchen Invention in the hope that I'll be chosen.......

Running a house isn't simple
That I can guarantee
and cooking is very exhausting
I'm sure most would agree

You get icing all over the table
crumbs all over the floor
Grease splattered all over the windows
And fingermarks all over the door

The last thing that you need
after baking cakes all day
Is having to clean up the mess
and put everything away

"If only there was an invention"
I hear everyone out there cry
something to help you tidy?
In just the blink of an eye..

Well I think I have the answer
not sure why I didn't think of it before
It's the solution you've all been wanting
to be delivered right to your door

The 'Husband Turbo 2000'
is the name of my handy helper
Shops all over will be stocking it
From Bognor Regis to Belper

Be the first of your friends to get one
It will stand pride of place in your home
The 'Husband Turbo 2000'
It even comes in chrome


1 comment:

  1. Helen this is fabulous! I would most definitely like a husband turbo 2000, that would be the best invention ever. I can see you making millions from it! You and your crazy kitchen would be the best people to test products. Xx



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