The Crazy Kitchen: Favourite 366 Photo - Week 8

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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Favourite 366 Photo - Week 8

For this week I have chosen the photo myself, but I suspect Hanna would have chosen the same one as she thought it was really funny

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This photo was taken yesterday on one of the very few occasions that Jack had asked to go to the toilet.

The conversation surrounding the event went something like this :

Daddy : Have you done a poo?
Jack : Yes I've done two poo's
Hanna : Mum, Mum Jack's swearing - he's sticking his fingers up
Me : *grabs camera* How many poo's have you done Jack? 
Jack : Two poo's *holds fingers up*
Me : *snap*
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  1. Aaw bless him! That's really funny, they are so funny sometimes. Great shot though and guaranteed to make everyone smile.

  2. Hahaaa! I would so do that too :)

  3. That's funny. Looks like he knows it is a cheeky way to get away with swearing too



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