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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Cuddledry Cuddletwist

My 9 year old daughter Hanna has recently joined a swimming club, where she currently swims four times per week. Ever since she started she's been asking for a towel for her hair, one that's specially made to twist around your hair easily rather than fiddling with a normal towel trying to get it to stay in place, as her friend has one.

I ended up buying a cheap one that I'd seen but unfortunately it's made of microfibre and I just can't touch it....I have the same feeling about nylon football socks...they make my skin crawl.

Then we received this 

Not the child...just the hair wrap..

The Cuddletwist is made from silky soft bamboo, which is 60% more absorbent than cotton towels, and will never go rough and crunchy after a wash.

To use it you just need to put it on the childs head, twist at the back and then place the twisted end through the stretchy loop on top. It's easy enough for Hanna to use and stays in place until she gets home from swimming, by which point her hair is almost dry....and best of all I can touch it...which means I can also borrow it, as it's big enough for an adult head too.

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They're great after baths too and can be used on long or short hair from 18 months old.

You can buy the Cuddletwist for £8.99 from the cuddledry website.

I was sent the cuddletwist for the purpose of this review.


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