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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

10 Things to Do in my 30's

I have been tagged by The Boy and Me to compile a list of things I would like to do before I reach my next big milestone birthday. I told her I wouldn't do it....I'm not ready to even think about THAT one yet. I was ok with turning 40 so let us pretend that I made this list many moons ago in my 20's, or better still that I'm still in my 20's.

Ten Things I want to do in my 30's
  • Get married - well technically I got married the day before my 30th Birthday but as I was 5.5 months pregnant and very tired the wedding wasn't actually 'sealed' until the following morning - if you catch my drift...
  • Have a baby - Sam was born when I was 30
  • Live and work abroad - Lived in the US for 2.5 years where, when I finally got my work permit, I worked in Jo-Ann Fabrics when Hanna was just 4 weeks old (it was more of a social life than a job & I spent all my wages on 'shop sales'!)
  • Go to Las Vegas - when I was pregnant with Hanna we took Sam to Vegas for a few days and met up with family over from the UK
  • Have another baby - Hanna was born when I was 32
  • Start my own business - In 2005 I opened my Ebay shop and now have Munchkins and Poppets too
  • Have a 3rd (and final) baby - Jack was born when I was 38
  • Go on a mad Girly holiday - in 2009 when Jack was 6 months old I went to Spain, with my friends from the town where I grew up, for a few crazy nights
  • Have a big kitchen - 'oh here she goes again' I hear you cry.... 'showing off her bloody kitchen again'. In 2010 (just a few months before I turned 40) we had a conservatory built and a wall knocked down, creating my lovely big kitchen - I now just need a new kitchen (my plan for this year) as we couldn't afford to replace that at the time.
For those of you that have been counting you will realise that there are only 9 there...well I couldn't think of another one but if I do I'll add it in ...

Now I tag the following to do the same :

If you want to do it but haven't been tagged I'm sure 2point4children won't long as you enter your post into her Linky


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