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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Toyologist Toy Review - WILD SCIENCE FACE MASK LAB

The Wild Science Face Mask Laboratory is for 'aspiring Wild Science girls' and is a way to discover the secrets of cosmetic science.

Wild Science Face Mask Laboratory
The booklet included with the set explains about oil in the skin and also about the dirt and oil absorbing properties of the Kaolin clay that the set uses. There are also tips and safety warnings and a little note from the manufacturers about how this set is not a fashion product but more of a learning product that girls can have fun with.


I left 9 year old Hanna and her 10 year old friend to it, telling them to read the instructions step by step.

They were having fun making a mess & mixing up their face mask but called upon me for a spot of help when their mix wasn't 'smooth and creamy' as it should have been


- it's not until we went through all the steps again that they realised they hadn't put any water in! A few drops of water were added turning it to the correct consistency.

The set then advises that a patch test is carried out to make sure no allergic reaction will happen, even though the ingredients in the set have a low allergy risk, best to be safe than sorry.

The patch test was ok so the girls then applied the mask to each others faces which they then washed off after 5 minutes leaving their skin nice & soft (their words).

The kit also shows you how to make clay buttons that can be made & given away as a gift or saved for another time & then used as a mask by adding them to water to make them creamy.

Verdict from the girls : great fun, the mask made their faces really soft but it was a bit messy....clay ended up in their hair, on their clothes and on the floor!

Wild Science Face Mask Laboratory is available from Toys R Us for £14.99

Age suitability: 8 yrs +

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