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Friday, 23 December 2011

My Ultimate Christmas Song

It's the Eve of Christmas Eve and I'm actually now starting to feel Christmassy - I've cracked open the Christmas Gin, we've had a good go at the Christmas cheeseboard, I'm watching Nativity and drinking Mulled wine so I thought now might be a good time to join in with 'My Ultimate Christmas Song' Meme.

I have been lucky enough to be tagged in this meme twice - once by Fi of Childcare is Fun and also 'Me' from The Boy and Me.

I've been thinking about my Ultimate Christmas song since yesterday, whilst listening to the Christmas tunes being played at the swimming pool last night as well as today on the TV.

There are a few contenders :

Wizard - I wish it could be Christmas Every day. I've previously mentioned that this song IS Christmas, always guaranteed to get you singing in the pub or works do.

Shayne Ward - That's My Goal. Does this count as a Christmas song? It's not about Christmas but it was Christmas no.1 in 2005 and I LOVED it....yep, I even bought fact I think I had more than one copy. Funnily enough the year that he was born the following song was released.

Wham - Last Christmas. This brings back many memories of Christmas 1984 at the age of 14....the year I started drinking Sherry so I will say no more!

Even though these are great Christmas songs I think the one that I have to choose as it sends a shiver through me whenever I hear it is another one from 1984, and has the opening lines sung amazingly by my teenage crush at the time...Paul Young. Where else can you hear great artists such as Boy George, George Michael, Simon le Bon and Sting singing together in the first few lines of a song. This has to be the best version of this song and more recent ones don't come close.

I now tag the following :

Mummy and the Beastie because she likes a good Meme, and
Mummy Daddy & Me as she clearly hasn't got enough on her plate right now hosting a first birthday party in her house tomorrow for her gorgeous daughter.

1 comment:

  1. Good choice Helen. Brings back lots of memories for me and my crush at the time was George Micheal - waste of time that waa lol



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