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Monday, 7 November 2011

Worldfoods Fusion of Flavours - Singapore


I'm a bit behind with this challenge, I think I should've done this one last week...or was it the week before?

I've been looking forward to doing it though, I love peanuts and I love spicy food and this is a combination of both.

I followed the recipe below, just using chicken. I decided that my dish needed some kind of vegetable with it but as the fridge was bare apart from some onions that had friend had given to me from her allotment and a few red chillies I decided that I would use those.

After marinating the chicken I threaded it onto skewers and cooked it on a griddle pan. There was quite a lot of marinade left in the bowl so I decided to use it to flavour the noodles. I warmed it in a pan and then added the chilli infused noodles along with some sliced onion and chilli and stirred it through.

I chopped the peanuts with my handy chopper and fried them in the oil for a few moments and then added the chilli coconut marinade.

I served the chicken skewers on a bed of noodles with some peanut sauce on the side. My husband said that it was the best meal he's had in ages (although he does have a very short memory) and he would definitely have it again. My 2 eldest children chose to eat at friends houses so in the end we had plenty of chicken to go around the 3 of us and 2.5 year old Jack surprised me by the amount he ate. He tried the peanut sauce and, after guzzling a glass of water, declared that it was too spicy but ate all the noodles and chicken....and some more chicken....and then a bit more!

Here follows the Worldfoods recipe :

Turmeric Lemon Grass Satay by May Foong

Ingredients for satay:

250g chicken, cut into strips (or alternative)
250g lamb, cut into strips (or alternative) 
1 bottle WORLDFOODS Thai Turmeric Lemon Grass Marinade

Ingredients for satay peanut sauce:
1 bottle WORLDFOODS Malaysian Chili Coconut Marinade
150g roasted peanuts, coarsely ground
1 tbsp oil

Cooking Instructions
For satay:

1. Marinate chicken and lamb (or alternatives) with WORLDFOODS Thai Turmeric Lemon Grass Marinade for at least 3-4 hours. Best if refrigerated overnight.
2. Thread chicken and lamb (or alternatives) onto skewers.
3. Preheat grill.
4. Baste the skewers with cooking oil and marinade and cook over hot grill for 5-8 minutes, turning occasionally until cooked.

For satay peanut sauce:

1. Heat 1tbsp of cooking oil.
2. Add in peanuts and fry for 1-2 minutes till aromatic.
3. Add in WORLDFOODS Malaysian Chili Coconut Marinade, bring sauce to boil.
4. Serve warm as a dip with the skewers.


  1. this looks lovely. I like the chilli coconut marinade best when I did the World Foods Challenge. YUM!

  2. I wish you would come and live with me and cook for me every night Helen- all your recipes look so incredibly yummy! x

  3. maybe we could do a trade...I'll cook for you if you clean for me!! x

  4. Your satay looks great. My sauce was way to chunky. Plus I forgot the skewers doh! It was a lovely dish though x

  5. thanks....but I bet yours tasted just as good though! x



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