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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Where Do You Blog?

I have been tagged by Emma at Mummy Mummy Mum to reveal my Blogplatz - the place when I do most of my blogging. Bibsey Mama who started this quest off is asking the question - are you a Slattern or a Saint?

I must admit that before I took the photo I had a quick tidy round..moved the breakast bowls off the table - well it is only 11.30 you need to give me time - and scooped the crumbs into the bin. Apart from moving the washing into another room (because it's warmer & more likely to dry in there) that was it......oh maybe I shuffled my papers into a pile too.


This haven of mine is The Crazy Kitchen, the doing part of the kitchen is behind me, with the fridge directly behind me which gives me a bit of a chill up my back when my husband does his usual trick of leaving it open whilst he makes a sandwich - thankfully it has a bleeper on it to tell you when it's been left open too long...saves me saying it!

That coffee cup is not a dirty cup that I've left lying around, it's actually a candle...I haven't had a drink today yet, or anything to eat (must rectify that shortly before I waste away). The thing in front of the cup is a pebble that Jack picked up from somewhere that I dare not get rid of. Please excuse the mousemat, I stole it from Sam as I get very frustrated that the mouse doesn't like working on the wood surface and I'm useless without a mouse.

So the question is Slattern or Saint?

I now tag the following to do the same :

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  1. Ooohh I love it that we get to see a bit of the crazy kitchen! Doesnt look crazy at all! Looks like a wonderful place to live and must be wondefufl to be able to watch your children play while you cook. Will get on with this in a mo x

  2. it's nice and peaceful at the moment.....but give it an hour!! x

  3. I know that feeling, Rosie is due to get up any minute so my nice tidy room will be noisy and messy again in a moment! Ixx

  4. I think I'm going to be a Slattern! I had to Google it because I didn't know what it meant! I will do my slatterny post tonight!! You are clearly a saint however, look at your lovely house!!

  5. wow what a lovely fab bright room that is

  6. shhhhh did I !! I can't wait to see your slatternly post tonight!! A saint? moi? you should see the 'dining room' !! x

  7. thanks...a little too bright in the summer...I am often found wearing my shades!!

  8. oooh what a lovely room! Very saintly indeed, and what a great candle!

  9. Definitely a Saint! Love your kitchen/family room, it has such a comfy, loved feeling. Even with it's multitude of doors...

  10. haha, I get the feeling all those doors bother you!!

  11. so this is the crazy kitchen in all its (very clean and tidy) glory!!! no wonder you sound so much time in it its a real hub of for home i can tell. i have no idea what slattern means - hang on *goes off to google it* - i am baaaack! oh you are def saintly - everything is so spick and span!!
    thanks for the tag - just doing mine now xx

  12. tidy yes, clean? not if you look closely!
    Look forward to seeing yours

  13. Definitely a saint! I would expect nothing less though Helen! x



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