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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Websites I couldn't live without

I have been tagged by the lovely Jenny at Mummy Mishaps in a meme started by Emma at Mummy Musings - the websites we can't live without.

So here is my list of websites that I can't live without - ones that I open up on a daily basis and in the order that I usually open them too.

AOL are my Internet providers and have been since early 2003. I'm often told that there are much cheaper providers out there and I can get free Internet with BT or Sky, blah blah, but since moving back to the UK in January 2003 I've been with them and can count on one hand the problems that I've had with my Internet and email, so I'm very reluctant to change. AOL mail is the first website I open every morning.

I do use Ebay quite a lot to buy things from ink cartridges to spices, and this time of the year many Christmas presents are purchased from there. I'm sure I could cope without it as far as buying is concerned though, but unfortunately I NEED Ebay as that is where I earn my living. I've had a shop  on there since 2005 and the business that it has brought in enabled me to give up my part time employment 2 years later.

I've only been active on Twitter since the end of January - I had an account for a while previous to that but I had no clue what to do so never used it. My brother kept telling me to give it another go, so I did.....and the house hasn't been cleaned since! 

The Crazy Kitchen
My blog. I try not to spend time on this during the day, especially as I'm so busy with my Ebay shop at the moment and really need to concentrate on that during the day when Jack's at pre-school....but I do occasionally go and tweet my latest post or competition.....and have a quick look at my stats and comments.

Munchkins and Poppets
Earlier this year, in a bid to break free from Ebay (a long way off yet) I created an online shop. I'm still working on getting a good flow of traffic to the site but it's going steady and whenever I get a chance I try and add new products and give the site a tweak now and again. My first ever customer also happened to be the lovely Emma from Mummy Mummy Mum who has since then become a great friend.

Money, lovely's what makes the world go around and keeps the Wolf from the door. I like to check on my balance once or twice a day just to put a smile on my face....or not

This time last year I definitely would've included Facebook but not now, since the changes I find it to be rubbish, posts are all over the place and it's not the fun place to hang out that it used to be.

I now tag the following to do the same :

Mummy Mummy Mum
Mummy and the Beastie
Coombe Mill
Spud & Spike


  1. i have just visited your shop!! i am not sure if i knew of that or not. it does explain why you have so many cardboard boxes in your garage *ahem*
    i feel the same about Facebook - i have a nosey fro time to time but i don't get into it like i once did. i much prefer twitter
    thanks for joining in xx

  2. Thank you for tagging me, I think my list may have a few the same! Funny how it is the same few sites I am on every day!

  3. my whole house is full of cardboard boxes!!
    Thanks for tagging me

  4. I have a few websites I just open without even thinking - it's part of my morning routine! Look forward to seeing yours

  5. oooh Yay, and thanks for the mention! I'm going to have a busy week next week! :-)

  6. oh yes, no rest for the wicked!!

  7. Similar to mine, got to have your own blog in there.



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