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Sunday, 13 November 2011


Jack was thrilled to receive the Playskool Busy Ball Popper, even though it is aimed at 9 months + I knew that he would have fun with it as it includes 5 balls, anything that has balls with it is bound to be fun in Jack's eyes.

After a small amount of assembly (the ears & base), and installation of batteries (with the usual philips screwdriver) Elefun was ready to pop some balls.


There is a switch behind Elefun's arm and once it is switched on there is no need to turn it off during play as the blower is activated by the large red button on his hand.

The motor is quite noisy but you soon get used to the sound and as the blower switches itself off after a short time (to be re-started by the red button) it didn't get on my nerves - unlike Jack's vacuum cleaner that doesn't turn itself off and is constantly whirring away in the background, grating on my nerves!

As you can see from the video the balls didn't once fall into the other side of the ear and down the chute into the chamber in Elefun's belly which is a bit disappointing and the balls didn't shoot as high as pictured on the back of the box, and occasionally got stuck in the top or didn't come out at all.

I do think babies would love this though as it's very bright and colourful and the balls do shoot all over the place, which would encourage crawling.

The Playskool Poppin Park Elefun Busy Ball Popper is available in store or online for £24.99 and is currently part of the Toys R Us 3 for 2 on Poppin Park Toys promotion.

Requires 4 x D Batteries

Recommended age : 9 months +

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1 comment:

  1. The Boy loved it too! Couldn't believe that he'd like a baby toy, but I suppose it's like a ball drop and he loves those too.



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