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Monday, 14 November 2011


I've never heard of Monster High, but apparently my 9 year old daughter has and she was quite excited the get the Hydration Station out of the box - she's easily excited when it comes to toys, especially ones in quite large boxes & this is quite large.

After installing the batteries (3 x AA) it was extremely simple to set up - fill the clear water tank up to the line, attach the door and place the top on. The doll - or should I say Lagoona Blue - is supported by a clip around her waist that clips onto a pole inserted into the base of the Hydration Station. There are accessories - small bottles, book and a fish that can be inserted into the door of the station.

Once you turn on the motor (using the small shell shaped button on the front) bubbles are blown up through the water and the Hydration Station is lit up. There are 3 modes of light display - constant, flashing or longer flashing.

And that is it - that is all we could find to do with it, apart from brush her hair and stand her on a stand when she's not in the cubicle. For something that retails at £34.99 I would expect it to do a lot more really.

It would make quite a nice bedside lamp in a girls bedroom except that the motor is very noisy, plus the lid doesn't lock in place so if it was knocked over the water would go everywhere - not great when you have an inquisitive toddler in the house.

You can buy the Monster High Hydration Station in store at Toys R Us for £34.99.

Recommended age : 6 years +

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  1. Admittedly I haven't watched the show so maybe I'm missing something, but that looks utter rubbish. The odds of water being spilled all over the house appear to be very large indeed.

  2. I haven't watched either, and even if I had I still think that it's very overpriced for what is basically just a doll...and a risk of a flood!

  3. That looks a bit freaky :-) I am not looking forward to 'big girl' toys :-)

  4. Jesus Christ that's horrendous! Why on Earth would anyone want to buy that for their daughter?! Shudder! Thank God I have a son!

  5. Am I missing something beyond the utter hideousness of this toy? Why would a little girl want to put their doll in a tank of blue flashing water? And £34:99 for the bizarre 'pleasure' of this? Umm, glad I have a boy.

  6. haha, I think we are all missing it....maybe if we were 7 or 8 we would get it!!



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