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Monday, 14 November 2011

Toyologist Toy Review -Disney Princess Snow Globe Maker

Hanna loves crafts of all kinds so she's had her eye on the Disney Princess Snow Globe Maker since the last Toys R Us box arrived. She hasn't been into Disney Princess for a while so thought it would be nice to make a Snow Globe for her younger friend.

As she's 9 years of age I left her to it and she made it by herself only needing some assistance taking the globe apart.


Once you've chosen your scene - there are 3 to choose from (Cinderella, Snow White & Ariel) - and placed the perspex pieces into the slots on the base, the dome can be re-fitted. To fill the globe you need to place it on the stand, remove the plug and insert the funnel. Through this funnel you can easily pour in the glitter and water and then replace the plug.

Photobucket Photobucket

There is a button on top of the snow globe which operates a fan which, when twisted, creates a whirlwind of snow and glitter. There is also a wheel on the base that spins the Princess around.

Hanna really enjoyed making the snow globe so I think for a younger Disney Princess fan it would be perfect. Some of the glitter did stick to the inside of the dome so maybe next time less glitter should be used. The snow does create a really good effect though.

There are 3 globes in the set and all are re-usable. Once the included glitter has all been used up shop bought glitter can be used. 

The Disney Princess Snow Globe Maker can be purchased in store or online for £19.97.

Recommended age : 6 years +

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  1. I really like snow globes - they are somehow captivating. I bought a Xmas one last year!! Looks like a fab idea for a present for a,little princess x

  2. Looks cool, but doesn't do much does it? Hmmm, am I missing the point with girls' toys?

  3. My niece got this last Christmas. She played with it once on Christmas Eve and ever since they just look pretty on her bedroom shelf. That's fair enough but there isn't much longevity with this toy.

  4. I know what you mean...unless you like to keep doing them over & over......



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