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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Toyologist Toy Review - BARBIE PUPPY WATER PARK

When we received the Barbie Puppy Water Park I must admit my first thought was to wonder how this playset would be different to any other Barbie playset.

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After following the simple instructions I assembled the water park easily and poured a cupful of water into the reservoir at the top as directed.

Jack pulled the flag down, which released the water and sent the puppy shooting down the slide - I was quite impressed I didn't expect it to work quite as well as that.

Next thing to try was the squirting seahorse attached to Barbies hand. You need to immerse Barbies right foot (it has a hole underneath) into water and repeatedly press the button on Barbies back. The water is drawn up through Barbie and out through the seahorse - again it worked well and I was impressed.

I was left a little disappointed with the brown puppy who dribbled out of his mouth rather than squirting and I couldn't get the white one to squirt at all.

All in all though I was very impressed with this toy and Jack has been happily playing with it for the past 2 hours - this would make a great present this Christmas for any Barbie fan. At only £14.99 I think it's also a great price and currently in Toys R Us Barbie products are 3 for 2.

You can buy the Barbie Puppy Water Park in store or online at Toys R Us.

Recommended age : 3 years +

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  1. Ha ha, I know a barbie fan who would love that! When I was little I had a giant barbie house!!



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