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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Dear Tooth Fairy

After reading this post about going rates for teeth collected by the Tooth Fairy it reminded me that I should have a word with our Tooth Fairy (I believe she's called TF by her friends) so here's hoping she's reading this :

Dear TF

Last week my 9 year old daughter Hanna (the one that always asks you loads of questions when she leaves a tooth) lost a tooth during assembly. It wasn't an easy moment for her trying to put her hand up to be excused whilst cupping the other over a bleeding mouth and being stared at by 100 pairs of eyes, but she kept hold of that tooth all day and presented it to me in a plastic bag whilst beaming a big gappy smile. She was so proud as it meant that she had lost more teeth than her older brother and gave her something that she could brag about.

Every night since that day she has placed her tooth in its pretty little tooth bag and placed it under her pillow and every morning it is still there.

There are only so many excuses that I can come up with.....

Maybe she doesn't like the fireworks

You can't expect her to come if you're sleeping over at Ella's house

Maybe it's because she heard you screaming at your brother just before bedtime

Maybe she hasn't got any paper to write the answer to all your questions

and then......

Yes, I think she has forgotten.

So please TF, I am begging you, get your act together tonight.....have a little nap this afternoon if you're feeling the pressure, stop tweeting or blogging or whatever it is that Tooth Fairies do in their downtime and make sure you don't forget again, she is beginning to doubt you exist.

PS a little tip-off, she wants to know if you have any pets so make sure you have your little letter all typed up ready in font size 6.


  1. I love it! Dreading the day when she starts to visit our house!

  2. It won't be long now! You'd best get some early nights in preparation!!

  3. Oh bless her! You must give the TF a hand tonight. What's the going rate.

  4. Ha ha, don't forget tonight :-)

  5. can you please remind me in a little while! x

  6. thankfully she came that night....phew! (until the next time!) GOing rate is £1....and occasionally a sprinkling of fairy dust & a letter depending on how busy TF has been!!



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