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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

5 Things that my 2 year old says that I NEVER say

As I was getting Jack ready for bed tonight he said said something to me and it struck me that he often says things that I may have said once...but you will never hear me say again. Since then I've thought of a few more :

  • Look, I can touch my head with my toes
  • Change my Nappy (at least I hope that I will never say that again!)
  • Have you got a willy Mummy?
  • Have I got school today?
  • I don't want to go to bed

...and now I am challenging you to do the same, come up with 5 things that your 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 18 year old says that you never say....I'm not a stickler for rules so if you want it can be things that your husband says. If your baby doesn't yet speak then you can make them up based on what you think they would say if they could speak. Then tag others to do the same - you can tag 1 other or 10 others, again I'm not going to make you stick to any rules on that.

If you haven't been tagged and you want to join in then please do.

The only rule that I would like to make is that you come back here and add your post to this Linky so I can laugh at them read them too, and ask those that you tag to do the same please.

I am tagging :

The Boy and Me
Mummy and Beastie
Multiple Mummy
Mummy Mummy Mum
Mummy Mishaps
Boo and Me


  1. oooh fab idea! I have lots of those!!! I'll be back! x

  2. I knew I could count on you!! x

  3. I've done it! Great idea.
    I wonder how many mummys of boys lists include the word willy! Mine does.

    Also I'd say number one on your list. I can fit my toes in my mouth. Ha!!



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