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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A Romantic Evening for Two....

Well not exactly two....just me to be precise......and the laptop.  And the romantic part? The candle.

I often have a candle burning, usually in the kitchen or hallway as it's the only safe place out of little fingers reach. I only have scented candles, I don't see the point of others to be honest, if a candle is going to blacken your ceilings then it may as well smell nice to make it all well as covering up the stench of nasty nappies and manky football boots drying on the radiator (why my husband still puts them on the radiators when the heating hasn't been on for months I'll never know).

The Airwick Touch of Luxury colour change candle gets my approval, the Christmas Scents of Mulled Wine & Cinnamon Apple are my favourite and , apart from vanilla, the only scents that I buy.

When I received this candle from Airwick I thought it would just be another Christmas Candle, but I was wrong - this is a colour change candle. How does it change colour? That part I'm a little unsure of but to me it looks like magic! When the kids saw it there were gasps of "Wow", "Cor" and more "Wow's" when the candle changed colour before their eyes. I must admit I was very impressed too.

If you're wondering what the fuss is about take a look for yourself :

As soon as the candle was lit it started glowing at the base and changing colour. The video makes it look as though it's flickering but it isn't, it's a gentle glow. I think I would prefer it if it stayed just one colour and you could choose which colour you wanted top suit your decor, but I still think it's pretty impressive and will be great at Christmas - especially for parties.

Here's the science behind how the candle changes colour :
The glow is triggered via a heat sensitive light sensor, which is activated whenever the candle is lit and continues until the candle is blown out, allowing you complete control over when and where you create your special atmosphere.
The candles are available in all major Supermarkets at around £6 each. They have around 28 hours burning time and are available in a range of scents : Mulled Wine and Cinnamon Apple, Rich Vanilla and Caramel Swirl, Precious Silk and Oriental Orchid and Cocoa, Truffle and Crème.

I was sent the candle for the purpose of this review.



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