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Monday, 31 October 2011

Proud of My Boy

10 year old Sam is a keen footballer and plays for a local team as well as attending local weekly coaching sessions with Stoke City. He is also a very big  fan of Coventry City, inherited from his Dad and both Uncles (my brother and also his Dad's brother). He has been a member of the Junior Sky Blues since the age of two and regularly attends games.

Recently he was asked if he would be interested in being a Mascot for the day, which of course he said yes to. The game took place on Saturday against Doncaster Rovers away. We arrived at 1pm and Sam and his Dad were shown around the ground and were introduced to the players in the dressing room - unfortunately it was only his Dad that was allowed to go in with him so myself and Hanna went to the bar for a pie and a pint - her the pie, me the pint.



Just before kick-off the players walked out onto the pitch and there was my boy walking with them - I welled up and found myself shouting his name & waving  - until I realised that the Captain has the same name & I might be seen as being a mad middle aged football fan stalking a player in his 20's.

Moments later he was making his way towards us in the stand with a huge smile on his face.

I was so proud of him.

And then he was on The BBC Football League show later that evening -  he's the slightly shorter one in blue walking out next to the Captain Sammy Clingan.....and then standing in line & folding his arms.



  1. Glad his football injury gained from my house hasnt hampered his footie dreams or play!!
    Awww good for him and shame on you for stalking men half your age lol xx

  2. Aww you must be so proud. I'll be there one day with my boys x

  3. Brilliant! great experience for Sam and you as proud mum! x



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