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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Music As Therapy

I have been tagged by The Boy and Me in a new Meme started by the MAD blog award winner Mammywoo entitled 'Music as Therapy'.  To be honest I don't tend to listen to my music of choice ( I can't even remember what it is) these days, the radio is on in the car on the school run but in the 2 minutes or so it takes to drive down the hill to school it's usually just Chris Moyles rabbling on about something or other. At home the husband puts the ipod on when he's doing the washing up but it's usually some old stuff and I have to tell him to turn it down as 'I can't hear myself think!' over the noise of the kids, or in his car it's either Adele or Noah & the Whale repeated over and over at Jack's request.

The task is to pick
3 beautiful songs.
3 different bands.
3 sets of lyrics that touch you in anyway you want to show.

I will be honest, I found this difficult, they are definitely 3 different bands and the songs do touch me but I wouldn't say they are particularly beautiful songs - especially the last.....shoot me now!!

Here goes :

Boo Radleys - Wake up Boo 

Wake up, it's a beautiful morning
The sun shining for your eyes
Wake up, it's so beautiful
For what could be the very last time

Twenty five, don't recall a time I felt this alive
So wake up boo, there's so many things for us to do
Its early so take your time, don't let me rush you please
I know I was up all night, I can do anything, anything, anything

Following a particularly crappy year I spent 10 weeks during 1995 in South Africa visiting my parents who were working there at the time (incidentally I first met my [now] husband there then but we didn't get together for another 4 years). I was enjoying single life and the freedom that redundancy from my job had brought me and it was also the Summer that I turned 25 so the lyrics of this song were particularly apt - it's a song that would always bring cheer to me if I was ever feeling down.

Sugababes - About You Now

Can we bring yesterday back around,
'Cus I know how I feel about you now,
I was dumb, I was wrong, I let you down,
But I know how I feel about you now

All that it takes one more chance,
Don't let our last kiss be our last,
Give me tonight and I'll show you

It's not so much about the lyrics for this one, except the line 'Can we bring yesterday back around' - that line seems to get me right there when I listen to it. In November 2007 Sam celebrated his 7th Birthday tobogganing at the Snowdome in Tamworth. As the kids were too young to toboggan on their own the parents had to do it with them, it was brilliant. There were some great parents there that all had a good laugh and afterwards there was a disco for all the various parties. Each party child and their guests had to go onto the stage whilst their chosen song played and this was Sam's chosen song. Whenever I listen it brings back floods of happy memories of that day....but they are also tinged with sad memories as the Mum of one of Sam's friends couldn't make it as she had recently been given the news that her cancer had spread. I gave her a copy of this poor quality video that I'd taken on my phone and she was really grateful that she had been able to share the memories of that special day in the end.


(Sam is far right in the green top, Hanna is the smallest one, in a pink top & white trousers)

Last but by no means least, a very cheesy one I'm afraid.

Wizzard - I Wish It Could be Christmas Every Day

When the snowman brings the snow
Well he just might like to know
He's put a great big smile, on somebody's face
If you jump into your bed
Quickly cover up your head
Don't you lock the doors
You know that sweet Santa Claus in on the way

Well I wish it could be Christmas, every day
When the kids start singing and the band begins to play
Oh, I wish it could be Christmas, every day
Let the bells ring out for Christmas

Now you have to admit that when you're at the work's Christmas Party and this one comes on you can't help feeling warm & gooey inside, you know I'm right - this song IS Christmas!

Now for the hard part, tagging fellow bloggers that haven't been already tagged. Apologies if you have though :



  1. Sam looks so little there! Love that video.

    The Boo Radleys 'Wake up Boo' always makes me think of summer and my mid-late teens, adore that song!

    I shall not comment on the final choice.

  2. yay, love love love Christmas songs! Very good choice :)

  3. did you have to mention that you were only in your mid to late teens!!! You mean you don't go all warm & gooey inside with the last one??

  4. You are a genius to include a Xmas song!! Imagine if it was Xmas every day - I would be HUUUUUUGE,!! Lol good song choices Helen x

  5. haha yeah, I never thought of that! I'd put on half a stone every single week!!

  6. I love your 3rd choice!!!
    This is my 2nd favourite Christmas song after Slade's It's Christmas.

  7. What great choices. Love the Christmas tune x

  8. oooh thanks again for the tag. I love that you are christmassy! Here is mine!



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