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Monday, 5 September 2011

Toyjeanius Review - Djeco Introduction to Origami


I had mentioned to Jean from Toyjeanius previously how Hanna loves anything arts and crafty, her bedroom is a mass of paper and bits and bobs. Give her some gel pens and a new pad of paper and she will be happy for hours.

I knew this time around that Jean was sending something for Hanna so I guessed it would be something crafty for her to do, when the package arrived her and Jack were guessing what could be inside, Jack guessed an iPad!

I was perhaps a little bit too excited when we opened it to see that it was a Djeco 'Introduction to Origami' set. I loved Origami as a child so I was keen to show Hanna how it's done.


The pack includes 24 square sheets of paper, 3 sheets of stickers and an instruction book. This pack is for making an Origami bird game - we used to make them at school but I can't remember what we used to call them. We would make them out of plain paper and write numbers on the sections and it would result in us being told we were going to marry X, or we had to do a forfeit of Y.

This is a more classy version however. The paper is lovely quality, each sheet printed with gorgeous colourful designs and there are 3 sheets of each of the 6 designs.

Photobucket  Photobucket

The book shows simple instructions how to fold the 'bird game', where to stick the stickers and the rules of the game. After asking your friend to choose a number you open the bird up that number of times, revealing 4 triangles in the centre, your friend chooses one of the triangles and you unfold the 'bird' to reveal their challenge underneath.

There are 20 different challenges, each sticker relating to a different challenge such as 'do the splits', 'imitate someone going to the toilet', 'do donkey ears behind your friend's head without him seeing you' and 'ask the teacher what age she is'. 

You could even make up some of your own challenges instead - Hanna made a list up but I won't reveal the whole list, just that they consisted of 'run a marathon' and 'tell your teacher she has a big nose'.....oh dear.

The Djeco Introduction to Origami set is priced at £5.25 available from Toyjeanius . It would make a lovely gift for a school friend, or stocking filler at Christmas. Other sets in the Djeco craft range are Paper PlanesPaper DollsWoodland AnimalsRobots and Spacecrafts, all similarly priced.

Recommended for ages 5-10 

Hanna is now an expert 'bird' folder so I will leave you with this short demonstration video of how to fold a 'bird' (speeded up slightly).


  1. These are so pretty. We used to call them chatterboxes for some reason! Hours of fun!

  2. I've just realised that my 8yr old niece would love this for xmas! Wonder if the two 9yr olds would as well? Hmmm. Grand!

  3. That's Christmas sorted then! Jean says she has more Origami sets coming so maybe get them each a different one?



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