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Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Gallery - Shoes

Bit of a late entry this week for  The Gallery .....went out shopping and came back to a sea of emails, tweets and messages from friends letting me know that they had received dodgy emails from my account.....oh joy!

Anyway, onto the job in hand....this week the subject is Shoes. There are quite a few pairs of shoes in this house, mostly kids ones in various sizes and many of them no longer fit. They are just sitting there waiting for the day that I can bring myself to sort through them. Until that day this is where they lay :

In the Toybox
This is where most of the current shoes reside, except the odd pair lurking at the bottom that may have become outgrown sometime over the Summer holidays.


Inside the garage door
Here you will find an array of discarded shoes, trainers, crocs, roller blades and football boots mostly that no longer fit or are too dirty to go in the Toybox. You will also find the husbands trainers and shoes as they are too big for the Toybox.


On the shoe rack in the Garage
Here lies even older shoes that haven't been worn for sometime. It used to be neat and tidy here once upon a time, until there became too many shoes for the rack and they just got dumped inside the garage door.


Notice that there are very few pairs of mine there......they are tucked away in boxes in my wardrobe.


  1. That's a whole lot of shoes!! It's amazing where Burton will hide his shoes - your toy box photo is funny x

  2. That's a lot of shoes! All mine are in the wardrobe too, not in boxes though. They're kind of scattered around the floor.

  3. Blimey, and I thought we had a lot of shoes! Love the dual usage of the toy box by the way - ingenius. Also loved the dodgy email last night - made me smile that I was included on the "viagra list"! xx

  4. they're mainly just tat though....not like your beautiful ones!
    This viagra is going to haunt me forever!!


  5. Mummyandthebeastie8 September 2011 at 19:33

    Wow quite a collection! How very organised of you to box all yours up. The rest of the family have a communal dumping box/rack, lol :-) xx

  6. I wouldn't say organised, more hidden.....from the Husband!! x

  7. Ha ha, thats a LOT of shoes!

  8. You should check out and recycle them all



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