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Friday, 30 September 2011

Friday Funny

 I never got around to posting a Friday Funny last week so I have doubled up this week and got 2 little snippets from over the last 2 weeks for Mummy Mummy Mum! 's Friday Funny .

Jack : I not play with my bicks [bricks]
Mummy : ok
Jack : Say why Mummy
Mummy : Why?
Jack : Cos I not like it

Daddy : you're a big boy now
Jack : and Sammy a big boy?
Daddy : Yes Sammy's a big boy
Jack : and Hanna's a big.................girl?
Daddy : yes Hanna's a big girl
Jack : and Mummy's a …............. what's Mummy?
Daddy : Mummy's a lady (debatable)
Jack: Oh Mummy's a lady......and Daddy's a ….......what's Daddy?
Daddy : Do you remember what I told you Daddy is..........Daddy's a …...
Jack : Fruit


  1. Brilliant, my son is just getting to this stage and he has me in fits of laughter - must start writing them down.

  2. you really should, then you can join in with the Linky!

  3. That made me laugh out loud!!! Jack is hilarious! 'Daddy is a fruit'...Brilliant!! Thanks for linking up :-)

  4. This also made me laugh out loud- I love that Daddy is a fruit! x

  5. That's like The Boy with this 'grandad is a camel' quote the other week! Hilarious, I love the things that they come out with?

  6. Fruit case maybe!!!!!!!

    Kids are so funny.

  7. Haha! They do say the most random things don't they?

  8. I know, I remember saying at the time that it was weird how Jack had come out with a similar thing at the same time as the boy!

  9. exactly - or big banana!



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