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Friday, 9 September 2011

Friday Funny

Emma at Mummy Mummy Mum has started a Linky over on her blog so you can link up with your posts of funny things that your kids have said during the week.

This was a conversation that I overheard between Jack and his 10 year old big Brother Sam :

Jack: Where you going Sammy?

Sam : I'm going to the toilet

Jack : I come with you

Sam : *in a moany pre-teen huffy kind of tone* why do you have to come with me?

Jack : a cos I like you

Another toilet related conversation was held between myself and Sam, this one was a few years ago though, probably when Sam was 3. We were in B&Q at the time heading towards the checkout, I was pushing Hanna in the pushchair and Sam was carrying a basket :

Sam : Mummy, I need a wee

Me : We won't be long, you'll just have to hold it

He looked at me with a confused look on his face

Sam : I can't because I'm holding this *holds up the basket*

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  1. Ah toilet issues. It is only now the boys are at school that I get to pee in peace!

  2. I run in quick & lock the door!!

  3. Ha ha ha, brilliant! Poor Sam, on both counts! xx

  4. It's funny what children come out with isn't it? Bless them x

  5. Ha ha - that second one made me lol! Jacob tries to give me a cuddle when I'm on the loo!

  6. Aww he sounds adorable!!

  7. I can't wait for Baby Badger to start talking, just so I can laugh at what comes out!



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