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Friday, 2 September 2011

Friday Funny - Smouse...

I have started to write down some of the funny things Jack has been saying, I used to do it with Hanna on scraps of paper. Hopefully this blog is a better way of documenting it rather than scraps of paper shoved in a box.

Emma at Mummy Mummy Mum has started a Linky over on her blog so you can link up with your posts of funny things that your kids have said. 

Here is a conversation that I had with Jack (almost 2.5yrs) last week :

Jack (upon opening the back door) : "It smouse outside"

Me : "Theres a mouse?"

Jack : "No smouse outside"

Me : "a mouse? Outside?"

Jack : "No *sniffs air* smouse outside"

Me : "ah, it smells outside!"

Jack : "Yeeees!" (probably thinking 'Didn't I just say that!')


  1. haha I used to record Poppys quotes and thought it would make a great blog hop. They really do say the funniest things!

  2. they really are funny aren't they....I just wish I could remember all of them..x

  3. Thats brilliant! we need to be able to film all these funny things! xx

  4. Oh bless him, I can just picture him saying that too!



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