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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Days Like This...

This morning I heard the faint and distant cries of 'Sammy, Sammy, open my door'.... It wasn't 'Mummy, Mummy' so I didn't need to go, right? Wrong!

The next thing I heard was 'oh my God, what have you done to the baby? Mum, Mum come quick Jack's tried to do something to the baby'

(I would just like say at this point that we don't have a 'real' baby in the house, just an old ELC Baby Milly that no longer cries, babbles or sucks milk from her bottle due to the cheap batteries leaking into her battery compartment, and most of the time doesn't even have any clothes on)

Me : 'just tell me, I can't look'
Sam : 'I can't tell you, it's too bad, you have to come and look'.

At this point I just wanted to hide under the covers and go back to sleep, I wasn't sure whether I could cope with seeing what was waiting in store for me. Instead I leapt rolled out of bed and sprinted shuffled along the landing to Jacks room where I was met by a choking powdery lavender scent and saw the extent of the damage.

Tesco's Lavender Talcum Powder ALL over his bedroom, poor Baby Milly could no longer see out of her powder filled eyes, the dinosaurs stuffed into Dora's talking Backpack looked more like Polar Bears, Peppa Pigs playground looked like it had been under a volcanic ash cloud.

This is the only photo that I managed to get before I was sternly told by my 9 year old daughter that I shouldn't take photos or Jack will think that he's done something good..........she won't be saying that when she's got her own blog I tell ya!

It was worse than it looks......

All I could think was 'thank God he didn't spot the baby lotion behind the powder'....


  1. You need a footnote to say "no babies were harmed during the making of this post" - just to be sure ;) x

  2. good point!! thanks x

  3. she didn't look particularly bothered! x

  4. He does like to experiment with toiletries doesn't he?! Hilarious!

  5. Experiment! Is that what you call it....I would call it meddle!!!



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