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Monday, 19 September 2011

Box Mad

Cardboard boxes are ace and in this house we get loads, the husbands usual phrase for a Saturday morning is 'I'm off up the tip'. There are 3 'tips' around here and he has his favourite, a modern one where the employees are friendly and they come up to your car & help you dispose of / recycle your waste.

Last October half term I had a particularly large delivery of Christmas cellophane bags so to keep the eldest 2 children happy we set to work on a house, which changed into a shop come theatre. I was sad to see it go really but as I have another load of (filled) boxes of cellophane bags in the garage at the moment I'm hoping it won't be long before we can make another.


I am linking up to The Boy and Me's 'Boxing Clever' Linky - what have you made with boxes?


  1. Omg thats awesome! How ling did tha take to make?x

  2. I can't remember now....but possibly the whole of one of Jacks naptimes!

  3. Oh that's fab, I hadn't realised what they were made of. You are such a fun mum!

  4. That is just brilliant! Liveable in almost! x

  5. We will make a bigger one next time & maybe they can live in it!! x

  6. That is very impressive! I can only dream of being so creative!

  7. HAHA love it. :o) It never ceases to amaze me how much they prefer the packaging. I remember Calebs 1st birthday well. He ignored all the lovely new toys for days and only played with a huge box he could sit in and drive like a car. Amazing how much money we could save ourselves eh? xx

  8. I have to say THAT is totally amazing! Can I come play at your house? x



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