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Friday, 9 September 2011

The Alphabet Song

In the last few days Jack has become more interested in his Leapfrog Fridge Phonics, repeating the letters and sounds, rather than just throwing them around the room.

I was amazed, when I heard him singing the alphabet song at lunchtime, at how quickly he had picked it up, he didn't manage to get all the letters right but the tune was spot on!


  1. Ah that's lovely! Clever boy :o) Thanks for sharing x

  2. That is absolutely gorgeous, love that he got 'lmnop' completely correct!

  3. It's weird how they get that part - Hanna used to call it the 'lmnop' song!

  4. That is brilliant! What a great memory and to sing the complicated lmnop and say w! Very impressed.

  5. How cute!! He is lovely. I have all this to learn- I didn't realise lmnop was the hard bit! x

  6. thanks for commenting, amazing how fast they learn and how much they take in. x

  7. thanks, he's my little star! x

  8. you need to keep your camera at the ready for moments like this Katie!! x

  9. Awww so cute and very clever! Well done jackxx
    Ps. I can see your new badge now! He looks like he is enjoying licking that spoon (and who can blame him!) xx



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