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Monday, 22 August 2011

When he's a big boy.......

With lots of talk of potty training around the blogosphere at the moment I have been talking to Jack more about saying goodbye to nappies and sitting on the potty. He's not too pleased about it and whenever I ask him to sit on it he screams and throws himself on the floor, except one night last week when I convinced bribed him to sit on the potty with the promise of sweets if he produced anything. Since then he hasn't been quite so happy to sit on it - in fact he hasn't wanted to sit on it at all, but I still keep asking him every day.

Today I had two conversations with him on the subject of potty training.

The first whilst changing his nappy this morning.

Me : When you're a big boy you won't need to wear nappies as you will do all your wees and poos in the toilet

Jack : lep (meaning yes)

Me: Kieran doesn't wear nappies

Jack : no

Me : Jonah and Jude are big boys, they do all their wees and poos on the toilet

Jack : lep

Me : Sammy's a big boy, he does wee wees and poos on the toilet

Jack : lep

Me : Hannas a big girl, she doesn't wear nappies

Jack : no

Me : Ella doesn't wear nappies either, she's a big girl and does wees and poos on the toilet

Jack : lep

Me : Is Jack going to be a big boy and do wees an poos on the toilet

Jack : Nope (and walks away)

Just before lunch I broached the subject again

Jack : I want something (meaning he's hungry)

Me : ok, what do you get if you do a wee wee on the toilet?

Jack : Sweeties

Me : yes, that's you want sweeties

Jack : lep

Me : you can have some sweeties if you do a wee wee on the toilet

Jack : Have sandwich then

Wish me luck, I think I'm going to need it!


  1. Jack sounds like quite a character! You will need the good luckKeep at it though, we all get it in the end!!

  2. he is indeed! Yes I'm sure one day it will click into place and he will just take himself out of nappies (hopefully!)

  3. Now I've met him, I can see him saying all of those things!

  4. and he's just screamed at me as I asked him to sit on the potty......that'll be a no then! We have a breakthrough this morning though, he allowed me to take his nappy off & not put another on!

  5. I love it- what a little monkey!! x

  6. he is that! x

  7. Oh my God this could be my house! Hilarious (sorry).

  8. I'm so glad it's not just us then! No need to be sorry.....I laugh at it myself....if I didn't I would cry!! x

  9. Sounds like Jack is as keen on potty training as Freddy is! hehe

  10. Mummyandthebeastie24 August 2011 at 18:14

    Ha ha he is so funny, he sure knows what he wants! It's not funny but I am glad I have a buddy at the same stage as us! Beastie asked for the potty earlier, so off we went to the bathroom...then as he was negotiating sitting he looked up and said 'phone?'. So I got him the iPad, I think I have made a rod for my back now as I feel he only wants to sit on it to play with Apps! In the end I had to prize him off it, red botty and all sent him off for a nap! xx

  11. I can't be bothered to argue with him about it....took him to Mothercare tonight to get a new Thomas toilet seat or potty chair but he said he didn't want them & kicked the potty chair we walked away empty handed......I think we will wait a while longer!! x

  12. and did he perform on it? yes it does sound as though he's using you for your technology! At least he sits on it though......can't get Jack on it again! If I had to place a bet my money would be on Beastie to crack it first!! x



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