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Monday, 15 August 2011


Hanna was extremely excited when the Hello Kitty Vanity case arrived, and couldn't wait to get her hands on it. I'm not sure where she gets her love of make-up from because it was definitely not inherited from me.

When I opened it all up I noticed that although the case is made of hard plastic the inside, holding the make-up, was very thin disposable type plastic - the sort you would find inside a box of chocolates. The box itself was very noisy when opened and closed and sounded as though it was going to snap.

There is an instruction leaflet inside showing which parts of the set are used on which part of the body - just to make sure you put the nail varnish on your nails and not on your eyes!

I put batteries (3 x AA) into the case to operate the lights and then left her and her friend to it.

After around an hour of making each other up and generally pampering themselves they came up with a list of pros and cons for the set so what better way to review something aimed at kids than to let the kids do the talking.

Here is what two nine year old girls have to say about the Hello Kitty Cosmetic Vanity Case.

Nail File
they are good because they get all the spikey bits off your nail

Hair Bands
Good as they don't come out (assuming this means they don't come out of the hair not the box)

Hair Clips
Clip your hair nice but fall out if you jump around

Nail Varnish
The black doesn't look very nice and takes a long time to dry and rubs off easy, the pink looks nice and dries faster

It shows up good

Toe Separators
It separates your toes which is helpful to paint

Eye Shadow
Doesn't show up very well

Eye Shadow Brush & Make-up Brush
they are brushes to put make-up on with, there is nothing good or bad to say

Doesn't get rid of knots

Body Glitter
It's got lots of glitter in

Lip Gloss
The star shaped glosses show up good but the heart shaped ones don't

The mirror is good as it lights up

It would seem that according to the girls there are some good points and some bad points in the set but overall they are really enjoying using the set. I do think that the at £29.99 it is quite expensive compared to some girls make-up sets but assume this is because of the Hello Kitty branding.  The age recommendation of 3 years + is a bit young in my opinion and would be more suited to girls of around 9 or 10 years and up.

The girls rated this with 3 out of 5 stars.

The Hello Kitty Vanity case is available both instore & online at Toys R Us for £29.99

Age suitability: 3+ years

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  1. I hated this. I agree it's way too young for 3+ - I was uncomfortable with Missy Woo, who is just 5, having it. And yes, I HATED the black nail varnish. Wrong, wrong wrong, wrong. When you're talking about 3 year olds anyway.

  2. I wouldn't have been happy either if Hanna was that young, I only let her have the make-up on in the house...she has to wash it off before she goes out! The black is horrid, its not even glossy, I had it on my thumb and thankfully it peeled off easily.



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