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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Toyjeanius Review - Djeco Puzzle Duo

I was thrilled to be chosen to be part of the Toyjeanius 'Toyjeaniuses / Toyjeanii' and eagerly awaited the arrival of our first toy. I had mentioned to Jean that we were going on holiday so something that would help to keep Jack occupied would be a great idea.

I decided that when the Djeco Puzzle Duo arrived I would put it aside until we went away, but unfortunately intrigue got the better of me and as soon as Jack was home from pre-school I got the puzzles out. They were an instant hit - the lovely coloured animal shapes were recognisable (butterfly, polar bear, whale, lion, owl, octopus, frog, rhino, pig and a wolf) and the sturdy card was strong enough to withstand even the fiddliest of fingers. The puzzles come in a strong cardboard box with a cord carry handle so it's perfect for taking out and about.

The idea of the puzzles is to match the coloured cutout discs to the correct animal. Jack matched the first two straight away......and then I think he realised he was appearing to be a bit of a clever clogs and started playing a bit of a game with me.....'does this one go here?.....' in every hole except the correct one.

After this initial trial I put the puzzles away until holiday in the hope that it would give us something to occupy him with if need be. The first outing of the puzzles was at Manchester airport whilst we were having lunch.
They then made an appearance at almost every restaurant visit as well as keeping a busy toddler occupied during a thunderstorm on a wet Majorcan morning.
We devised a game a bit like 'pairs' where all the coloured discs were placed upside down on the table and the discs shared out between players. Each player would take it in turns to choose a disc and see if it matched their animals, if not the disc would be replaced upturned on the table. Clever players could try and remember the position of each disc.......or if you are as smart as my 8 year old daughter you would spot that the reflection of the colours could be seen in the white plastic tables at the hotel bar......and Dad only noticed she was doing this after successfully matching all of her discs and some of his too!

The puzzles have been a big hit all round with our family and I'm sure they will continue to be for a long time to come.

We reviewed the Animals and Colours puzzle duo however there are 2 other sets available too - Animal Habitat puzzle duo and Animals and Shapes puzzle duo all priced at a very reasonable £6.95 per set.


  1. They look fabulous! S, H & J seem to be having great fun investigating this puzzle; a saving grace on holiday?

  2. it definitely was, the whole family joined in, a great puzzle that can be used in different ways.



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