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Saturday, 20 August 2011

ShowOff ShowCase - Backseat Fun

I am re-poting this post and linking it up to The Boy and Me's ShowOff Showcase. Originally posted on 10th June here.

ShowOff Showcase

I just have to share this video as it makes me laugh whenever I watch it. Shot in car on the way home from Pizza Hut. Is it any wonder that I get a headache when I'm in the car!


  1. Is it bad that I can't even tell what the song is? hehe Bless them, the part when they all giggled was my favourite!

  2. It's Don't you remember by Adele..... one of the songs that is always on in Daddy's car and has to be repeated over and over and over!!

  3. Reluctant Housedad20 August 2011 at 14:18

    YOu can't go wrong with a video of bopping giggling kiddies. Made me smile on yet another rainy day

  4. that's what I'd hoped....makes me smile every time

  5. What song are they murdering- mean singing?? Lol very amusing :) xx

  6. its 'don't you remember' by Adele - one of their favourites! They have beautiful voices, just like their Mother!! x

  7. Bloody brilliant! I can't believed I missed this in June - laughing so much I am nearly crying. x

  8. Wonderful. Thanks for re-linking this. It was lovely just watching them all singing and then ...POW ... pure comedy. Love it :D

  9. LOL! I couldn't stop laughing while watching that! Brilliant :D

  10. They are crazy! I love that video, how much fun are they together? How old is J there, he looks a lot younger?

    Thanks for linking it up to ShowOff ShowCase!

  11. It was only in June......they are very noisy together in the back of the car!



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