The Crazy Kitchen: My girl was traumatised by a Turtles Head.....

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Thursday, 11 August 2011

My girl was traumatised by a Turtles Head.....

Having a potty training conversation on Twitter last night with Mummy Mummy Mum and Not Yet a Yummy Mummy reminded me of an incident that I look back on now and believe was where it all started to go wrong with Hanna's potty training......

It was the Summer of 2005 and we were going on holiday to the Isle of Wight. I thought it would be a perfect time to crack the potty training and packed lots of pants. Hanna was 2yrs and 10 months but hadn't shown any interest in the potty up until that point, in fact she used to scream and push it away whenever I mentioned it. She never did use the potty and went straight to the toilet and her first 'deposit' was on this holiday, in the Gents toilets at the Caravan Park Clubhouse with Daddy, and was a number 2. After that she was on a roll, weeing and pooing on the toilet for the next few days.........until disaster struck....

We went swimming.......

I was ushering Hanna into the pool when I noticed a very large lump in the rear of her swimsuit. I was caught totally off guard as she had been doing so well. I was so annoyed that she hadn't told me that she needed to go.....I got stressed and she got upset.

The baby wipes were in the car.........

The car keys were in the mens changing room in my husbands locker..........

My husband was in the pool with Sam with his locker key around his wrist.........

I waved frantically to him across the packed noisy pool..........and he waved back!

Eventually he came over, opened his locker and got me the car keys and I commenced the clean-up operation completely stressed.

After that Hanna didn't do a poo on the toilet or potty until January 2007, a full 18 months later (and that is another story)......

This time around, if I ever start potty training Jack I will be sure that he wears a swim nappy until he's a teenager!


  1. My husband call it a turtles head too! Very funny, but also i know how hard potty training is. We are not 100% clear yet! It is hard work. x

  2. Oi, we had this discussion nearly a month ago now in Birmingham!

  3. thought it was about time to put pen to paper & share my joy of potty training!!

  4. aww. bless her! Do you think the swimming incident caused it?

  5. I didn't at the time but looking back I do....she was too scared to poo on the toilet or potty, it was an awful 18 months....but we got there thanks to having no pull ups one trip to Ikea!

  6. I am very scared at the prospect of potty training- I don't even know when your supposed to start it or anything. Eek! x

  7. I know what you mean Katie....I should be an expert by now but I'm not. All children are different, some do it at 18 months some not until 3....hopefully you will know when she's ready x

  8. notyetayummymummy15 August 2011 at 17:41

    Oh no that's awful I get the feeling there is going to be ups and downs. I think William is ready now and seems to be doing ok, maybe because I've been so sick I've spend less time doing things with him. He seems to be enjoying all the attention and fun the loo brings! I guess you'r right they are little individual people and will vary when they're ready. They do look cute in their teeny tiny pants! x



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