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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Friendship Month

August is friendship month with ZhuZhu pets and fans can keep in touch with their friends by sending cute and quirky e-cards to their friends and family.



The cards are a great way to stay in touch with school friends during the Summer holidays, and not only are they a unique way of showing that they care, ZhuZhu Pets fans will be entered into a prize draw for every card that they send, with five winners being chosen every day!

I know we'll be sending some as Hanna is a great fan of ZhuZhu hamsters.

For a chance of winning great ZhuZhu prizes and to send the fab e-cards just go to Thinking of Zhu.

So what are Zhu waiting for......go and spread some ZhuZhu love with your friends now......

I have been provided with a ZhuZhu pet for writing this post - which I intend to give to Hanna for her  birthday, shhhhh!


  1. Thanks for this. My daughter loves Zhu zhu pets. Don't really get them myself!

  2. I know what you mean....but the kids seem to love them! We're just jealous as there was nothing like it when we were kids!!



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