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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

10 things you don't know about ME...

I have been tagged by the lovely Emma at Mummy Mummy Mum (I can honestly say that she is lovely now as I've met 'real' life you know!) in this '10 things you don't know about me' Meme.

It's a tough one but I will try and do my best to tell you 10 things that you don't already know that isn't going to embarrass me too much!

    1. I passed the 12+ exam when I was 11 and went to an all girls Grammar school
    2. I got drunk at 14 on sherry and fell into a brook on the way home, I told my Mum I had fallen off my bike.......she didn't believe me as my bike was in the garden!
    3. When I was in a car accident in 1991 I was asked by the Ambulance crew if I had anything of any value in my car. I said 'I have a barbecue in my boot' – it was December so I have no idea what it was doing there.
    4. I was engaged and due to get married in Australia in 1998, instead I dumped the boyfriend, kicked him out and spent the money on new windows for my house.
    5. Previous jobs have included working for Matchbox Toys, in a Travel Agency, as a Directory Enquiries Operator and at Wimpy (the burgers not the homes!)
    6. I first met my husband in South Africa 4 years before we got together, when he was my Mum's boss,  – oh how the tables have turned!
    7. I have 2 step children, aged 21 and 18
    8. I got married at Gretna Green
    9. My 2 eldest children were born in Pittsburgh, USA in a hotel hospital with a Grand Piano in the foyer.
    10. I had 2 miscarriages before having Jack and almost gave up on having a 3rd baby......but my husband and I decided to give it 'one last shot'......Jack was the result of that one last shot.
    I now tag the following because I'm nosey and want to know more about them :

    This originated at  Me and my Kiddywinks

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    1. I went to an all girls grammar school too! What were you doing in Pittsburgh? sounds very fancy!! Do they still have Wimpy's? I remember those! xx

    2. Oooh very interesting read :) xx

    3. I knew a couple of those, didn't know some of them and find others a little intriguing. A grand piano? I'm going to do this now before I forget.

    4. I can't understand how you managed to go to an all girls Grammar school and not have an alcoholic drink until you were 18!! We lived in the US for 2.5 years, from when I was pregnant with Sam until Hanna was 4mths old. and yes they still have Wimpys - there is one near us (the one where I worked)...on the edge of Cannock chase.

    5. can't wait to read!

    6. oh what have I done! I feel naked now!!!

    7. Thanks (I think) for the tag! Lou over at Bloggomy already tagged me for this but I haven't gotten around to doing it yet - best pull my finger out! I think I've done something like this though a while back so not sure what else there is left to share haha!! x

    8. I thought I had done this one but I don't think I have so I shall look forward to doing it as I have also been tagged by Emma. I knew a couple of these but there are some that are new to me- go you for getting new windows! x

    9. I'm sure you can dig something up!! haha, look forward to reading, whether it's a new or an old list x



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