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Friday, 8 July 2011

Toyologist Toy Review - Silver Cross Classic Deluxe Doll Pram

I was surprised that 8 year old Hanna got so excited at the sight of the huge box containing the Silver Cross Classic Deluxe Dolls Pram considering we got rid of her almost identical one last year because it had sat untouched under her bed for about a year, but she was.

Some assembly is required (instructions included) when you remove the pram from the box - the wheels need clicking into place and there are 2 sets of clips on each side that need to be clipped together.

Once assembled and opened the sides are locked in place and it's ready for play. To test out the adjustable handle height Hanna allowed 2 year old Jack to have a push of the pram too, which she soon regretted when he wouldn't let her have it back. He decided to take Loopy Rabbit for a ride around the house and then thought the jigsaw puzzle would like to go for a ride too.

The pram has a suspension type feeling, created by the moveable clips on each side, enabling you to be able to rock your doll or teddy (or puzzle) to sleep.

There is a hood that can be put up or down, as well as a rain cover, co-ordinating changing bag and parasol. There is also a large basket underneath for carrying more toys or shopping, and the pram folds down easily for storage.

The Toys R Us age recommendation is 4+ which I think is about right, although with the adjustable handle it can easily be used by a 2 or 3 year old. The age recommendation on the box is 5-10 years and due to the adjustable height on the handle would definitely suit children of such a wide age range.

The Silver Cross Classic Deluxe Doll Pram is available from Toys R Us both in store and online and retails at £69.99


Age suitability: 4yrs +

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  1. Mummyandthebeastie8 July 2011 at 12:12

    I love how Jack and Hanna show it off! Especially how jack has taken to it, cute! I expect Beastie would be the same. You must show it Jack when he's older, maybe when his friends are round...he he. I love your wallpaper too :-) x

  2. jessies_online8 July 2011 at 12:26

    ha ha yes he was so proud to be taking Loopy for a walk in something other than the shopping trolley....he hasn't yet noticed that I've now whipped it away to be given away in the pre-school raffle!! Trust you to notice the wallpaper....that's what I do too, I love to have a nosey in other peoples houses!! x

  3. Mummyandthebeastie8 July 2011 at 12:31

    Ah poor Jack! ha ha. Yeah I'm a right old nosey parker! Also we have a red rug like yours and we are going to have to chuck it out because it's so hard to clean, the amount of squashed raisins that are within it! eurgh x

  4. jessies_online8 July 2011 at 12:44

    we have the green one in the conservatory & it's a bit like that too - and have you ever taken it outside & given it a good's amazing how much sand those things hold!!! x



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