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Monday, 20 June 2011

Toyologist Toy Review - GALT NAIL ART

Our family was thrilled to be Toys R Us Toyologists for 2011 and last week we received our first box of goodies and got straight into testing them out.

First up was Nail Art from  GALT. 8 year old Hanna claimed the set as her own as soon as she clapped eyes on it, sparkly nail varnish, gems and tattoos are right up her street.


On the back of the box there is a list of contents :

7 nail varnishes (5 colour and 2 glitter)
Nail Gems
Holographic Strips
Star Shaped Emery Board

There were no instructions inside the box, but Hanna was quite clear what she wanted on her hands/nails and where, and wanted me to apply it for her.

She had already filed her nails with the star shaped emery board and was ready for her personal nail technician to work her magic.

The nail varnish went on well, although I think it would need a few coats of the glitter varnish to build it up to the level of sparkliness shown in the picture.

The gems had the perfect amount of stickiness on the back to allow them to stick to the nails but I was a little confused as to what we were supposed to do with the holographic strips. According to the picture on the box we would need to cut them up and apply to the ends of the nails. The strips in the picture appear to be curved around the nails but as they are straight they don't fit to the curve of the nail without creasing them. I found them to be a bit fiddly but I'm sure a couple of eight year olds would have better luck.

There were no directions how to apply the tattoos which someone using tattoos for the first time may struggle with. We've used tattoos a few times so armed with some water and kitchen roll I managed to get them all applied with only a couple of casualties. 

Jack didn't want to miss out on the fun and chose a silver glitter nail polish for his fingers and a lovely sparkly gold for his toes, along with a heart tattoo on his hand.

There is still plenty of nail polish left, along with enough gems, tattoos and holographic strips for Hanna to decorate hers and her friends hands and nails, and at only £5.99 for this set I think it is excellent value for money and would make a great inexpensive gift for a little girl.

The recommended age range is 7+ which is ideal for girls wanting to do this themselves and with friends and with some assistance from an adult it would be ideal for younger princesses too.

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  1. I'd like them and I am a little older than Hanna ;) xx

  2. jessies_online20 June 2011 at 12:08

    you will have to add it to your Christmas list and see what Santa brings!



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